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I finally got my lab fully reconnected Monday night. This is the first jam I've recorded since then. Also I was using my Shruthi-1 with the digital fx board for a couple months and I got kind of sick of the sound of the filter, so I put the original analog filter back in and I've been enjoying that the last couple of nights.


I don't think of acid as my primary thing but I seem to keep gravitating toward it unconsciously.


Shruthi-1 is the main acid line, Nord Micro Modular is doing drums, and the reverb is Quadraverb. Distortion is from the gain on my mixer and there's heavy EQ on everything - more knobs to fuck with! Oh, yeah, and the MPC was sequencing the Shruthi-1, while the Nord was running from an internal sequencer, slaved to the MPC.


I don't consider myself fluent in acid, so constructive/destructive criticism is appreciated!

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