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Try Again, Modey`


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'audible demo' gets me PUMPED, man! i wouldn't mind hearing the main arpeggio melody with just a hint more sustain/release and possible some more high end. it just needs more strength. and same with the drums, i think. just needs a boost.


'mercury' has some wonderful dissonance to it. again, something about it is telling me that it just isn't there, eq wise. this one feels like it needs some thickness, and it would do fine. it's hard to tell with such a short ambient piece though. nice melody, i can hear you going many places with that.


'not for' - right away, my ears pick up on processed reverb, and it's a little difficult to digest. i feel like you should just be recording your stuff to tape, and all of your eq problems would be solved. i do like the progression, and the additional elements thicken the mix up a bit, but it just begs for something more.


good work, especially dug audible demo, though that one is obviously the closest to finished, i would imagine. content wise, you are totally on top of your game. just don't forget about high end and punch!

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