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Loscil - Sketches From New Brighton

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From Scott Morgan: “This album gets its name from an odd little ocean side park that borders industry and the Vancouver port authority and lays claim to being the birthplace of the city.


“In a way, Sketches from New Brighton it is a continuation of a dialogue with my environment that started with First Narrows (kranky 2004) and continued with the Strathcona Variations EP (Ghostly International 2009). It is not a rigorous "study" per se, but more a series of sketches, loose interpretations of the spaces I inhabit as well as an acknowledgement of their influence on my practice. These are my impressions, a kind of sketch of New Brighton and the surrounding area in an abstract form.”


"This sixth full length album from kranky mainstay Scott Morgan sees his pulsing compositions gently unfolding in the understated fashion that has become his trademark. He designs a sonic architecture, slowly constructing, making subtle additions and subtractions, until an almost tactile virtual space is formed. Inside these spaces an aural feng shui is achieved, where less is more, where every element is in its place, and where maximum harmony is attained through the masterly placement of sound."


1. Khanahmoot

2. Hastings Sunrise

3. Second Narrows

4. Container Ships

5. Coyote

6. Collision Of The Pacific Gatherer

7. Cascadia Terminal

8. Fifth Anchor Span

9. Prairie Trains




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I'll definitely be checking this out when it drops. His last album was great, and the track 'Black Tusk' is probably my favourite track that he's ever produced.

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i'm growing to like this plenty. at first i was a bit weary of some stylistic changes in the sound, but i've gone past that now. if loscil is changing his sound, then he is creeping it in slowly like a good lad. i can't say i enjoy this more then 'endless falls', time will tell. 'city hospital' is quite wonderful as well, for anyone who has not listened, i would highly recommend doing so, forthwith

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I've only listened once so far, but I think it's his best since Submers. In fact, it sounds like the spiritual successor to that album. Compared to others in-between, I feel like it sounds more rhythmic and has more bass weight. And it seems like he moved from that airy sound and went back to a more serious aquatic aesthetic (pretty much all of his music sounds watery to some extent).

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loscil is truly one of the most accomplished ambient music makers to appear in quite a long time. i'm not able to comfortably put this particular album at the top of his list, however it is wonderful and only slightly outdone by submers, plume, endless falls etc. without hesitation i would put loscil alongside the best ambient composers in electronic musics, past or present. he is simply incredible

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And probably my favorite Loscil release to be honest.

Ditto. His previous albums sound very alike but this one is quite different.

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