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Greeen Linez - Things That Fade


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Diskotopia has been releasing some good stuff this year, but this one has percolated to the top. I haven't heard anything this classy in a very long time. I just ordered the japanese CD from juno, and including shipping to the US it was quite the bargain.




and you thought the future failed... shame.


here is a great era-comparison track i found:


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Guest jasondonervan

This album is a killer, I love it. Tight production, beautiful 80s vibes. Fans of Onra's 'Long Distance' LP will be right at home here. I didn't realise the CD was available on Juno, and for a reasonable price too - shocker! Just ordered myself a copy, thanks for the heads-up.

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the video is good, but idk, the music sounds pretty boring and cheesy to me. I like the clever little variations in the percussion, but overall the song makes me feel like I'm waiting at the dentist.

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