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Funny Pictures Part 2


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ultimate rube goldberg.


It's weird, probably due to not mostly growing up in england i didn't realise that the same term applies to w. heath robinson, in a slightly different context given that his mechanisms had a subtext of irony and social commentry.

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hah yek. been watching the latest series of drugs inc. ?

:) actually , yes :cisfor:





drugs inc 0503 removed vid from my own post due to nsfw, i forgot about one bit in the intro, oh my. That said, it seems like most have it under control and the drug which is a value for money high for the locals has been around since the 70s there. It's just getting a bigger dose when you misuse that sends people over. Apparently a little too much is way way way way way way, too much.

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^ in the movie they probably have even less detail because the creators couldn't be arsed to wait for long render times ... or were threatened by the client if they didn't finish the job in time.



by the way, did anyone point this out ... ?










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Guest bitroast

Waschbar getting up in the morning




gahhh i remember seeing this a while ago and just about found it to be the most amazing thing ever.

and it's holding up well. it's still just about the most amazing thing ever.


i like how he stops, looks to his left for a brief moment before plummeting off to the right.

it is the gif(t) that keeps on giving.

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