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I don't know if you're as much as me into Breakbot but here it is : the man's first album will drop fairly soon on Ed Rec.




1. Break Of Dawn

2. Fantasy ft. Ruckazoid

3. One out of Two ft. Irfane

4. By Your Side pt. 1 ft. Pacific!

5. By Your Side pt. 2 ft. Pacific!

6. You Should Know ft. Ruckazoid

7. The Mayfly and the Light ft. Irfane

8. Programme

9. Easy Fraction

10. Baby I'm Yours ft. Irfane

11. Another Dawn ft. Irfane

12. Why? ft. Ruckazoid

13. A Mile Away ft. Irfane

14. Intersection



I have high hopes for that one, been waiting for it for a while now. The last tracks he released (1 out of 2 and Programme) were more 70s rock oriented than his previous stuff, it could be a great album.

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god i'm so excited for this one! shame he has so many singles on it though.


Yeah that's the main problem…Too much "Baby I'm Yours" too lol ! Hopefully the new, fresh tracks will top the old ones !

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Listening for the first time now, but the sound is not my cup of tea. Too much nu-disco funk, but the songs are alright. I can see some good remixes coming out of this.

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OK so on first listen I was MORE than disappointed, I found the tracks to sound exactly the same, the compositions uninspired, the sound-design way too clean and unnatural (a feeling I get more and more from the Ed Banger artists)…


But the album is a real grower, I'm liking it more and more each day. It's probably just a question of mood. The tracks that were good are still good (Baby I'm Yours, Fantasy), some new tracks are beautiful (By Your Side pt. 2, Break Of Dawn).


There are some miss as well (Easy Fraction for instance sounds like an unfinished track, The Mayfly and the light is honestly crap)


Anyway, the packaging is delightful !

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No... this album is amazing! Pure Funk! Fuck yeah! Pure Electro Funk! PF & PEF! Breakbot is infographist (mayb i do write he was infographist...) he does his auto-portrait by illustrator & photoshop, after derived by one who works some covers 4 ed banger (forgetten his name but could find it in the Tsugi magazine)...

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"Easy Fraction" is basically a classic hip-hop instrumental that can make Madlib a bit jealous. Nice Dilla-esque MPC choppage!!

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