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Nice post with the Brain recs. Did mistake it for Bizzy B's Brain records first but so glad I clicked play. I love how Germans manage to add their own twist to the stuff they put out....imo nicely spices occasionally petrified genres. Another good example would be Riot Beats albeit operated more on the jungle front. Damn, was going to post Sonic Subjunkies - Djungelstadt (Remix) as an example but the Youtube video is so dead.


And that Spiral Tribe :music:


Thanks man, found some new shit to sink into! eh...

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Yeah, great track (raar!). Will need to track that down somewhere. :)


Here's a couple. Wouldn't necessarily put it in the acid box, but they share the DNA, if you will. (actual acid gets old quick, imo)






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@ goDel: Maybe you already found it but...




flol option to buy the whole discography goes for 6€. BC is so full all these sweet bargains yet I'm still surprised every time I come across one of those. So much great music around for just a few euros/dollars/pounds. Should upgrade their tag/style search engine though. Luckily I get my acid recommendations from the watmm acid threads. Thanks guys!


edit...nice, page break....

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