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Dark Ambient Mix by a friend of mine


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David Lynch - Rabbits Theme / Aphex Twin - Gwarek 2

False Mirror - Aftermath

Thomas Köner - N: Vasabron, Stockholm

Kammarheit - Starwheel (Counter Clockwise)

Lustmord - Main Title - Infinite Space

Ultra Deep Field - Arctic

Deaf Center - Hunted Twice

Murcof - Cosmos I

Brian Eno - Prophecy Theme

Robert Rich & Lustmord - Delusion Fields

Thomas Köner feat. Yann Beauvais - Tu, Sempre

Tim Hecker - Areal Silver

Tomas Dvorak - The Prison

Biosphere - The Things I Tell You

Deathprod - Tron

Aphex Twin - Blue Calx

Traject - She Said (Einoma Remix)


you can also download it as FLAC

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Ah, I never realized you could download the files officially from soundcloud. I always grabbed the Lo-Fi mp3s off the stream ... :sleep:


Good to know. I saved the mix, will listen when I'm in the right mood for Dark Ambient!


You cant always download, it depends on what level account the user has, and whether they have allowed it or not.

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