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Hello everybody,


I know a while back, there was some interest in my dub techno project SEAS with David Tagg - we released a short-run CD-R and 12" back in 2009 and then went into hibernation...


Well, we're finally back again, and we've got a new 80 minute album (and corresponding EP), a reissue of the debut album from 2009 (with the vinyl exclusive track "

") and not one but two massive digital compendiums of field recordings/textures/white noise/atmospheres that make up the source of the backdrops from the SEAS albums.


To keep everything together, we've put up a new microsite for the band, packed with information:




From there you can buy the SEAS reissue and SEAS 2, either solo or in a discounted bundle.


We've also got both albums fully streamable on Bandcamp for those of you who would like to listen first:








And here are the two digital releases, available for a "pay what you want" price:


Assembled Landscapes [Volume I]:



Assembled Landscapes [Volume II]:



Anyone who wants to get a copy of the new album - HASTE IS ADVISED - we've pressed only 60 copies, just like the debut in 2009, complete with a deluxe plastic case hand-assembled and designed by David Tagg. This deluxe version is also the ONLY place you will get the 20 minute Restructural EP. 100 minutes of new SEAS material awaits!

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Thanks for the nice words and OOOOHs guys!


Just to let everyone know, I've been informed by the other 1/2 of SEAS that over half of the bundles are sold already, and we just started telling people about this shit! TIME is of the ESSENCE! Get in soon or miss out!

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