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30 years ago the Beastie Boys released their debut EP. Time to reminisce.


This mix is for the Beastie Boys, in great memory of Adam Yauch (R.I.P.), and all the musicians who have contributed to their legacy.





Enjoy the music.




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    • By Rubin Farr
      For the 30th anniversary of Paul's Boutique, the EPs for that album have been reissued digitally, as well as some new remixes released as well; Love American Style, Shadrach, Hey Ladies, Shake Your Rump.
    • By Tessier Ashpool
      Yeah, so finally grabbed this little gem - sounds absolutely great, with the sort of punch you always wanted the album to have but it never quite did.
      Bass comes through nice and thick and everything just sounds like, well, the production fidelity most everything including/post Check Your Head.
      Had a lotta love for this back in the day, really nice to hear a well done remastering job . . . unlike the "re-release" Radiohead albums which aren't even remastered. wtf?
      Check it out, hot shit, hot shit
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      some beats.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Been finishing up a bunch of tracks that take inspiration, samples from music out of Mali that I will put on an ep later this year. Start & end might be subject to change for this one.
      Enjoy  or not  .
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      So one day my friend and I were like, "let's make some lo-fi hiphop or something". Things took a bit of a turn and we ended up making the saddest shit ever - plus, we made 12 tracks in one day.
      We have absolutely no intention of doing anything about these tunes apart from putting some of them online and hope someone with a broken heart listens to them.
      EDIT4: NEW NEW NEW TRACK lolwtfbbq

      EDIT3: NEW TRACK! lolz 

      EDIT2: NEW TEASER!!!!!

      EDIT: Added some additional tracks that I didn't wanna share to begin with... but... Gocab pressured me into sharing them.



      And here's a video


      Alright, back to work!
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