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what is the first song you ever made?


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My first compositions were short pieces for xylophone, which I performed for my school at the age of eight. I couldn't write music down at the time, so now they're lost. Just so as not to disappoint you all, here is the first track I ever did with FL Studio about two years ago:


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not sure. when I sort all the stuff in my music folder by date, this is what shows up as the oldest one:



maybe not the first 'song' I ever did, but it's the oldest one I have. crappy drums. annoying preset synth. I kinda like the melody though

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thread has been done before....



far from my first track but pretty old nonetheless. from a tape recorded in 1997/8.

the drums are sequenced in Jester Music on the Sony PS1, with some minimal live synths overdubbed.












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