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Metaeaux - Oneiro | An album I put on bandcamp :)

Guest metaeaux

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Guest metaeaux

A bit of background on this album:

Field recording played a huge role in it. The album is meant to be a journey from start to finish with some piano pieces interweaving the narrative. The field recordings were done with binaural microphones.


The result is that the recordings sound 3D when you listen back wearing headphones, the sounds are very localised and immersive. A lot of the designed sounds came from random places, there's a huge mix of binaural recordings, contact microphone recordings, and recordings from under water using hydrophones. Many of the recordings were taken at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, Australia. It's an island that used to be a high security prison and it's eerie as hell. I also used raw data to generate some interesting noises, particularly by interpreting Chrome.exe as raw audio data and then processing that for crazy effects.


The album has a strong theme of space, exemplified by the track 'Heliospheric current sheet'. It's a reflection of my obsession for space weather and its influence on life on earth. The album is as much about space weather as it is about my personal life -- it's a journey through my experiences with a close friend of mine. I hope this background info sheds some light on what the meaning of the album is, and I hope those of you who take the time to listen really enjoy it. :)


I've set the album to 'name your own price'. All proceeds from album sales will go straight back into buying music gear. My plan so far is to save up and buy a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 for some awesome analogue synth action! It will be my first analogue synth and my first opportunity to move away from the digital domain.


I have $96AUD towards my goal so far, so there's $1353AUD to go. Any contributions made will be greatly appreciated!


I'm happy to talk about any aspects of sound design or production -- there's no secrets behind this work. If anyone is curious or wants any insights into how things are made, I'll be happy to share the process as best as I can.


If you enjoy the album, try listening to some of the others I just posted on bandcamp. I just put 5 albums up in the past week or so, so I guess it's a bit of overload, but give them a try. :)

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Wow, you have put quite a lot of work in this one and a journey it really is. My favorites on first listen:


Lone journey

I miss you




A lot of good tracks, well done, love the attention to details...how long did it took you to make it?

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This is a really nice album. Haven´t listened to all of it yet but so far it´s taking me on a pretty awesome journey. Haven´t got much to elaborate on that. You seem to have a great talent for expressing very special imagery, that´s what i look for a lot in nice music to listen to, and this is really nice stuff :)


Haha I just read your description of your album Dresona. "A Space Opera". It´s pretentious but I love it! :D

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Guest Waxlimbs

Listening, about 1/4 through. This is really nice, you've got a defined style that links all of the songs together, and I can sense the story without outside stimulation. Awesome job, going to give you more of a response once I listen to the whole thing.

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