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Soloman Tump

Audioscope - Music For a Good Home 2

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Plenty of contributions from Oxford based bands, with the theme being that every artist has played at the Audioscope festival at some point over the past 10 years. Some great stuff in here, have reviewed it for a local music mag and it is well worth the download if you have an open ear for music from all sorts of genres.


A number of instrumental / indie / rock types as you would expect from the Oxford scene, bu some decent electronic efforts too from Four Tet, Coloureds and Boxcutter. Plus, its for charity.

  1. Four Tet – Audioscope (exclusive)
  2. Wire – Moreover (live in Lausanne) (exclusive)
  3. Listing Ships – American Steam Company (exclusive)
  4. Boxcutter – Cheetah Dub (exclusive)
  5. Felix – Circus (exclusive)
  6. Warm Digits – Sleep Thieves (exclusive)
  7. Fujiya & Miyagi – Coe's Toes (exclusive)
  8. Beak> – 0898
  9. The Telescopes – Dead Already (exclusive)
  10. Richard Walters – Something Once Beat (exclusive)
  11. Deco Child – Southpaw (exclusive)
  12. Karma To Burn – Jimmy D (Slight Reprise) (exclusive)
  13. Ride – Moonlight Medicine (Portishead remix) (deleted and unavailable elsewhere)
  14. Rome Pays Off – I Can't Take You Home... (exclusive)
  15. SJ Esau – Why Angry? (exclusive)
  16. Action Beat – Toad (exclusive)
  17. Coloureds – Ted Nelson (exclusive)
  18. Mugstar – Bardo Head (exclusive)
  19. Karhide – Rough Sleep (exclusive)
  20. The Workhouse – Before I Go To Sleep (exclusive)
  21. Gunning For Tamar – Astronaut/Abort (LukuS remix) (exclusive)
  22. The Half Rabbits – Mayday (exclusive)
  23. Laura Moody – Oh Mother
  24. Kogumaza – Sevens (deleted and unavailable elsewhere)
  25. Flights of Helios – Dynah & Donalogue (Message To Bears remix) (exclusive)
  26. Phil McMinn – The General (exclusive)
  27. Dethscalator – Aids Atlas (exclusive)
  28. Kill Murray – Pheromones (exclusive)
  29. Ice, Sea, Dead People – Styes In My Eyes (live at Lost Toys) (exclusive)
  30. The Rock of Travolta – Loose Lips Sink Ships (exclusive)
  31. Caretaker – Yeehah (exclusive)
  32. Alright The Captain – Honey Badger (Karhide Sleepless Nights remix) (exclusive)
  33. The Cellar Family – Someone New (exclusive)
  34. Magnetophone – All She Could Find (exclusive)
  35. Spectrum – Feels Like I'm Slipping Away (remastered) (exclusive)
  36. Talons – St Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All
  37. ute – Dissolve (exclusive)
  38. Message To Bears – Opus 1 (exclusive)
  39. Sennen – Fucrates (exclusive)
  40. The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club – I Want You Dead

Details and download link available from http://www.audioscop.../home/index.php from October 1st.

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