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posh beers and ales and stuff thread


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i am presently enjoying a few of these. they are very delicious.



i'm also a big fan of these (as sneaksta can attest to)



and these



and these



and ESPECIALLY these oh shit this stuff is like god's tears




talk about nice IPAs and lovely stout and things. go.

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been drinking a few of these for the last few nights:




if you like wit beer, it's pretty good. not my favorite or anything...


besides wits and IPAs, most "posh" beers taste like spiced meaty garbage to me. *ducks*

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i have not. but you're not really selling it to me with the 'tastes like shit', gurph.


we have a bar here, a tiny little spot upstairs from a gay bar, that has porterhouse plain on tap, along with some other lovely porters. they steadfastly refuse to stock guinness. best pub in limerick.

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I need to have a mini spree in Waitrose soon because last time I was there they had tons of unknown, exciting looking beers of which I unfortunately didn't participate. Stuff I've been drinking at home tends to be bought on the way home from work which usually tends to be:



It's stronger than the majority of what you usually see but it doesn't tell taste wise. It's fucking great. Funnily enough I'm just finishing one now. To be followed by:


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Is that thomas st where that rubberbandits church is?


Well down the road of the harbour bar theres a porterhouse. Stays open till 3am because they have a god awful club at the back, but sure keeps the place open past 12.30. Porter house red is a good substitute for smithwick's because they dont stock it. Also usually have a "beer of the day" for 3 quid generally. Can range from some pretty nice stuff to shittiest of shitty. Remember getting about 4 Rochefort 10's in there for 12 quid. That was a good night (I think).

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Is that thomas st where that rubberbandits church is?


the rubberbandits's church isn't really on thomas street, it's in castletroy


also, sign me up



edit: old speckled hen is fucking lovely.

edit2: smithwicks is fucking muck, what's wrong with you chassis?

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