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What Video Games Are You Currently Playing


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Earthbound, finally 

Last time I played it was on an emulator. The announcement that it was releasing on the switch was the only news I needed from the last direct. It's truly one of the best RPGs imo



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6 minutes ago, chronical said:

That's not free if you have to pay for online :shrug:

Free, as in you don’t have to purchase the game separately, which you always had to do in the past. IMO, they should make the Switch Sports game part of Online as well, that would sell subscriptions more than 30 year old console games, eh

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I finished Shin Megami Tensei V on New Year's Day, and ever since, I haven't really latched onto another game to play through consistently.

I have been sporadically playing through the recent DLC for Blasphemous, making this my 4th playthrough, and it just seems so much harder than it was before (probably because I'm actually using a penitence this time), so I'm not enjoying it as much.

I bought Scarlet Nexus a couple of weeks ago and started it last weekend. It's OK so far, but it feels a little weird and the camera takes some getting used to.

I tried to go back to Control to finish the AWE DLC, but I don't remember what i was doing the last time I played it, so I quit.

Last weekend, after flailing around trying to find a game I would play to the end, I put in Rockman X, which I haven't played in about 3 or 4 years, and finished that in like 1.5 hours and had a great time. I find it interesting that the games that I've been playing all my life still delight me to no end, but I have such difficulty staying interested in newer games. I started Cuphead again last night and realized that I quit before because I don't actually like it (I LOVE the graphics and music, but the gameplay isn't for me).

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Mainly been playing Gunfire Reborn again lately. It's basically roguelike Borderlands minus the cringe. Pretty impressive weapon variety.

Tried Metal Wolf Chaos XD last Monday also. The gundam/exosuit you pilot is pretty neat, but for a game from 2019 the SFX are pretty janky, not to mention the 2004 graphics. Pretty sure the game was meant to be satire to begin with though.

Also got back into Duskers earlier this month. I think my beginner level online programming course has trained me to input in-game command lines more quickly. Also learning things I haven't before, like figuring out how to commandeer a derelict after clearing it out. Plus the game got another update just yesterday.

And then No Man's Sky just got its next big update as of last week. So now there's more Sentinel types along with new Multi-Tool weapon attachments. Still trying to find one of the new Sentinel Nests.

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Elden Ring

Highly recommended

Genre: Open-World Action-Role-Playing Game
Setting: Dark Fantasy

+ Explore vast intricate lands with tons of dungeons
+ Find numerous weapons, armour and items
+ Meet mysterious characters
+ Fight soldiers and countless monsters
+ Defeat unique menacing bosses
+ Fight and play however you like
+ Gather materials and craft stuff
+ Sneak, jump, jump-attack, ride your horse, jump your horse, double-jump your horse
+ Relaxing exploration mixed with intense fighting
+ Imaginative world-setting and beautiful art-style
+ So much freedom
+ Also fun for non-dark-souls-fans
+ Atmosphere

Tips if you start as a Wretch:
0. Go and unlock the first, second and third Sites of Grace.
1. Get the Spirit Calling Bell by meeting Melina at the third Site of Grace, to be able to summon spirits in boss-fights.
2. Learn how to fight with the club: Two-hand the club. (Y+RB) Do heavy jump attacks. (Forward+A, RT) Follow up with light attacks. (RB) Dodge roll away from attacks. (Direction+B)
3. Farm some runes by fighting the soldiers along the road to and at the Gatefront Ruins near the third Site of Grace.
4. Buy the chain armour from the first merchant at the second site of Grace, the Church of Elle.
5. Success.

Technical: Except for a few frame-drops I had no issues at all playing on my laptop.
(2560x1440, Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX3070, 16GB, SSD, W11)
(I heard some people have stuttering issues; So test first or wait for patches)

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Walked in to Best Buy kinda early in the event they still had Elden Ring in stock for PS5. Copped it. So far it seems pretty incredible but despite George R.R. Martin’s input (which was seemingly minimal) it appears it’s back to very little story. I know that was the big advantage of the Souls series but I’m not gonna lie, I would like to see souls like combat and difficulty married with Witcher 3 or FF7 type storyline just one time. Never in the Souls universe mind you, but in at least one game (unless Sekiro was like that. That’s the only From game I Haven’t played). 

Maybe it’s because I’m super early and there will be more dialogue and cutscenes but so far story-wise it’s more of the same. That aside it’s beautiful, the combat with jumping seems much more fun, the spectral steed is a great addition, the open world elements seem incredible, and I think it’s fair to say this is greatest game From has made so far. If you’ve never taken the leap into this world I strongly advise you do it. I’m really early in and it’s already blowing my mind.

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I've been playing Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon and I've been having a blast. It's a bit hard to get into, but once you know what you're doing, it's really deep and enjoyable.


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I started getting into Vampire Survivor yesterday. It's dirt cheap on Steam and super addictive.

I still don't see how some players manage reach LV 100+ though. I'm lucky reach LV 15. Wonder if there's any strategies besides just "get gud".

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SOMA. Liking it but the monsters are not that "scary" to be honest, but I love the dark post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Any similar game to this? Apart from Frictional Games own.

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Someone convince me to continue playing Elden Ring. I've spent 2 nights playing it and I don't feel like I've made any progress.

EDIT: I've just spent 3 hours finding cave after cave, monster after monster that fucking annihilates me in matter of seconds. I'm missing something.

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Sounds like a From Software game, I'm too lame to play them, apparently there's something wrong with my hands.

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9 hours ago, Squee said:

Someone convince me to continue playing Elden Ring. I've spent 2 nights playing it and I don't feel like I've made any progress.

EDIT: I've just spent 3 hours finding cave after cave, monster after monster that fucking annihilates me in matter of seconds. I'm missing something.

My Elden Ring tips: (no spoilers)

Caves and dungeons can be quite hard at the start. They're more of a challenge, to acquire something valuable.
I started as the wretch starting-class and the first caves and dungeons were pretty damn hard I remember.
It was mostly because I had no armor at all, only had a simple club as a weapon, and hadn't unlocked anything yet.
Unlock the first 3 Sites of Grace as soon as possible. They unlock item crafting (throwables), your horse (mobility), and ashes of war (ghost summons at boss fights).
I suggest exploring the open-world some more. Some areas are easier than others.
Explore Limgrave: both the left side were you start, but also the right side, the south, and eventually the north.
You don't have to beat most bosses yet. You can do them any time you want.
Try leveling up your endurance and health.
Try out weapons. They all have different advantages and attack-patterns. I decided that bleeding weapons are my go-to in this game.
When you like a certain weapon's fighting style upgrade it. Upgrading your weapon is key.
There's an easy cave close-by near the lake area with tons of weapon-upgrade materials.
Be sure you're not fat-rolling. Rolling is important to dodge attacks.
When you first encounter a new enemy learn its attacks by triggering them and then rolling away.
Or block with a shield if you prefer. Shields are a bit OP in souls games in my opinion.
You can two-hand weapons. If you do a heavy jumping attack with a weapon two-handed, and follow up with another heavy attack, the enemy will get stunned in most cases. Really powerful. The stun thing is an important hidden mechanic in this game. A bit comparable to the stun-mechanic in Sekiro. (I haven't played that game yet though)
Maybe you could start a different starting-class. Some starting-classes are easier to start than others.
But in the end all characters will be able to do most things. So no stress.

For reference:
I'm 40 hours in and I still haven't completely finished Limgrave. I still have to do the main-quest castle and some optional bosses. Reason: I became distracted by 2 other truly magnificent higher-level areas. I was in awe.

Don't give up on this game.
It's a magnificent game with tons of amazing areas and things to find. It might be hard at the start, but because you can do anything you want to do and go anywhere you want to go, it's actually not that hard really. I find it way easier than previous souls games because of this. It will get easier once you learn how to play, upgrade your weapon, and find more helpful awesome stuff.

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I’m back on the Dead By Daylight mobile game after getting so mad with it that I deleted the app and stayed away for nearly 2 years.

I used to get super upset playing it because I would only play in survivor mode and it usually takes up to 5 minutes just to join a game only to have some numbnut get you killed in 30 seconds… then you have to wait 5 more minutes just to begin a new game. 
I realized that it’s just an amazing game and I will try and employ mindfulness to whether the storms of constant frustration in hopes that it becomes a refined practice that I can apply to other challenging aspects of my life. 

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