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Guest yanG

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Gamey tune, ok... Reminds me a little of the cyriak animation mix tune. Like distorted pad type sound in bg @ 40 secs. Like the drum flam/rolls. Kinda getting bored of the crystally gamy sound. Slowing down now... Mmm not really feeling it. Might have preffered the speed to stay the same (could slow at the end) but a new melody and sound to be introduced. @ 3min now not really musical and not really fucked enough either. Like the build just before 4 minutes. Finishes off ok. Definitely preffered the start. Needs contrasting sounds to the twinkly / glistening / crystally ones throughout.



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Guest Frankie5fingers

i really like the melodies that you use but i kinda agree with the drums thing. they really pulled me out. at first they were great but when you started to progress them they just started turning into noise. and not really the kinda i like either. keep working on it though, knowing you you can really make this thing amazing.

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love love love the bassline & the arp fits it really well. parts of it are dead funky. but it feels almost like it's been developed too much. like if the song were two minutes long & mostly stuck to the choice bits I'd be feeling it more overall.


The section where it breaks down into free noise is interesting to listen to but I'd almost prefer it as a separate version than part of the same track i thin. but hard to say at this point seeing as I don't know what your ultimate vision is

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