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Arvo Pärt - Adam’s Lament


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"The German record company ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) recorded music by Arvo Pärt in Tallinn’s St Nicholas church in November for a new album."


"The works recorded were Adam’s Lament, Salve Regina, L'abbé Agathon, Beatus Petronius, Statuit ei Dominus, Alleluia-Tropus and Silhouette. The recording was produced by Manfred Eicher, the founder of ECM, and featured the Latvian Radio Chamber Choir, Sinfonietta Rīga, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and the ensemble Vox Clamantis, conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste."


"The disc will feature the first ever recordings of Adam’s Lament, L'abbé Agathon, Alleluia-Tropus and Silhouette, while Salve Regina, Beatus Petronius and Statuit ei Dominus were recorded in new versions for massed performers. There will also be a version of Two Lullabies in a setting for choir and orchestra that was recorded in St Nicholas church a couple of years ago, so the whole album consists of first recordings of all the works."


read http://www.arvopart....november/Page-1

read http://www.thewire.c.../articles/2877/

ecm http://www.ecmrecord...ainrubchooser=2

arvo pärt http://www.arvopart.info/index.html

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