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X year old Autechre Album Released: Exai (WARP234)

Guest pixelives

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It's about time we had a new paint competition.


You have to design the new album Autechre album cover as you think it will look.

This will probably also help TDR in their design when they browse this very topic.

You may only use Sumo Paint or deviantARTs Muro (works on iPads).

They should work on Linux, Mac and Windows in any new proper web browser. (Not sure about Android.)


If two entries are very similar to the real album cover (highly unlikely) the winner will be decided through average per pixel color difference.

I'm not sure what the prize will be yet but we'll figure something out.

The competition obviously ends when the album cover art is released by Warp Intelligent Dance Music Records ® ™.


Submit your entry to this thread as an image.


Have fun¡

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Wouldn't it be great if it were just 4 really long tracks? I'd dog that.


I was thinking one massive track, say 30 mins long and the rest was maybe a dozen short tracks. Fuck Yeah!!!

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What about 30 really fucking long tracks? An album that goes for 10 hours?


Or four super-short tracks.


My brain is starting to cave in!!!


Soon my ears will leak green jelly!!!


A bit like Ivan Ooze!!!

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reckon we will get the name of the album before the artwork? Cant remember how it works with warp.



Lets get someone from tdr to judge this mother. With the powers of teh internets we can make it so.

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  • mcbpete changed the title to X year old Autechre Album Released: Exai (WARP234)

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