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X year old Autechre Album Released: Exai (WARP234)

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Best news ever.




This is fucking GREAT news!








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Something with red or orange. They haven't done anything with a red cover, right? Then again, I don't think they have any tracks containing the letter J, either. It's probably one of those Asperger's phobia type things like Ulillillia's fear of the word "people."


Edit: Djarum :facepalm:


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It's not much. It doesn't give us the name, the release date, or any clue as to what it'll sound like. Yet this message is more information than Boards of Canada have given us in seven years.


Just sayin'.

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An album-length version of VI Scose Poise, swimming with intricate, ever-changing detail. The pads develop over time, becoming more and more hypnotic.


A dark remix of "Cichli", with rockier beats and an off-key, twisted version of the main melody. The track would develop into a choral of disturbing ambience.


999. I really wanna here those sirens. Follows the direction set by its predecessors, namely 444, 777 and IO (mons).


All the tracks in the "Bronchus" series, starting with Bronchus One.1 and working through the unreleased installments.


Full, extended version of Recury, with all the extra noises and transitions removed from the album version (think The Plc as it is on Quaristice (Versions)).


Cichlisuite: The remixes. A modern-day take on tracks from the Cichlisuite era, featuring remixes of remixes of Cichli. You know how Oversteps sound like Amber? That, which the magic of Characi and Krib.


Full release of the Untilted live sets.


A full-length digital symphony, like an album of Sublimit. This would utilize the expert techniques and technical prowess seen in 6852.


A million more subtly different versions of Perlence and 90101-501 (I think there's still some potential there, we don't even have an hour of niney acid synths yet...)


Ae presents 'Drukqs' by Aphex Twin. A comprehensive cover of all 30 tracks from Richard's landmark album, featuring a digitally rendered model of "Petiatil Cx Htdui" programmed in Max/MSP and based upon a drone taken from the 2004 video game "Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenel".


An album of process pieces. Stuff like Melve, and the opening of Rpeg. I know they can do wonderful stuff with these techniques, and not fuck it up like they did with Melve. Just imagine their take on the Minimalism genre...


Drane 3. Seriously, if there are any more parts to this series after Drane and Drane2, they simply must release it. They have an obligation to the human race.


I'll do more later.

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