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harrietK - Enveloped and Developed Solutions

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Hey everybody! I decided that I'd try my hand at playing some free improv. Admittedly I'm still somewhat of a novice (I'll work on learning some more theory in the future, not that it'd be completely essential for this kinda thing), but I can still safely 100% guarantee you that these songs have absolutely no structure other than having beginnings and endings. Each track consists of three layers recorded independently of each other of roughly the same length on the following instrumentation: electric guitar, trumpet, and handheld percussion. And yeah, the album cover's artwork is a pisstake, and the title honestly just comes from finding the similarity in the spelling of the words "developed" and "enveloped" interesting plus the word "solutions" was floating around in my head, but whatever.





1. L (8:33)


2. Opening the Doors (6:04)


3. Paul Klee (4:13)


4. Acorn Butter for Jimmy Garrison (9:21)


5. Halaal All-Beef Hot Dogs (2:48)


Total runtime: 30:55


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