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this was great. had it on my "to watch list" for the longest time. highly recommended


i might have missed this, but does anyone know how he knew the octopus was female? also, kinda sad how that school of fish ate her up after she lay her eggs, then that shark came to finish her off. i got the feeling that it was some kind of accepted fate which also demonstrates a higher intelligence. 


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@Nebraska that film was discussed on here several months ago and drew a lot of watmm ire. I've never seen it, so can't comment, just attempting to shed light on Tim's reaction

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1 hour ago, Nebraska said:

@zero thanks. will have to dig thru the comments 

it's ok dude, nothing really matters...💓


anyway, i'm gonna watch 4 hours of superheroes... or am i... why not make this a mini-series? ffs...

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On 3/16/2021 at 2:53 PM, zero said:

but that makes me remember probably my most uncomfortable movie watching experience, which was watching Eraserhead in a theatre in Oklahoma, packed with a bunch of church going family types. it was being shown at a local college as part of some free art film Sunday thing, and anything free will of course draw a crowd. sitting right behind me was a family with young kids. there were also a lot of elderly people, the types that had no clue who Lynch is. that made the whole viewing experience so much more awkward, but also somehow Lynchian in a weird way. I remember a lot of gasps and comments being shouted at the screen, some loud snoring even. after it finished, there was supposed to be a Q & A with some professor from the college, but the entire place bailed asap, fleeing in terror lol.


^ This is fantastic, and I legit lol'd when I first read this. Makes me remember my experience w/ Eraserhead. Drove out to meet up with some of my buddies a few towns over and we decided (why? why not) to drink 40's and smoke a ton of some pretty skanky shit. My m8 had brought over his new TV projector to test out so we ended up spending the next 2 hours or whatever watching Eraserhead on the equivalent of a 100 inch screen about 4 feet away from our faces. Total Videodrome YOU ARE IN THE SCREEN type feel. Traumatizing, but Lynch would probably approve. 



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Justice League director's cut was kind of an improvement, I guess? It's still a mediocre movie, and now it's waaay too long. Unnecessarily added slo-mo shots, they brood and talk about being the JL for the first 3 hours, and only in the last hour do they really do anything. The stuff at the end is added fluff to bring eyeballs back, there are still plot holes and continuity errors, but it was free. Continuing on with the solo DCEU movies now as if Darkseid never existed is just poor planning from a poorly run studio.

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I've been on a roll with some good shit lately:

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (7.5/10): I'm ready for more goofy escapist humour after such a clusterfuck of a year and a decade of gritty media.

Dark Waters (8/10): A well-crafted drama (based on real events) without too much flashy bullshit or sentimentality. I found the story so shocking. How is this shit real? 

12 Angry Men (9/10): Loved it, definitely worth the hype. My anxiety was definitely flaring up anytime someone got up from the table or shouted. I wonder how the William Friedkin remake is?

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (7.5/10):  I just read the book and really liked it so I thought this deserved a re-watch. Again, how is this shit real?

Man on Wire (9/10): French tightrope walker who walked between the twin towers. A documentary that feels like a heist film. Everyone in this is very french. Have been meaning to see this one for years based on a few stills and glad I finally did. 

Brigsby Bear (7/10): A bit of feel good retro nostalgia (but more than that). I like how uncynical all the teens in this were, it was refreshing.

American Movie (9/10): Mike is such an inspiring character. I can see myself rewatching this every few years. The 90s feel like 5000 years ago, in a way.

Sound of Metal (8/10): Touching story with excellent sound design. Extra point for the Einsturzende Neubauten t-shirt.

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7 hours ago, Rubin Farr said:

Why would a squirrel be collecting nuts in the middle of Winter

It really depends on how said squirrel spent it's time the previous summer. With these kind of shenanigans going on, I can see how it would be easy to get distracted.


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I finally watched 10 Cloverfield Lane, and rather enjoyed it actually.

Netflix queued up Cloverfield Paradox straight after for me, so I will watch that tonight. 

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Snyder Cut (likewise spread out over about 3 evenings). Friggin' loved the ever living shit out of it. Had watched Superman and BVS (Extended Cut) recently in advance, there is a definite through-line both narratively and thematically. Really amazed this actually happened, and it makes me lament that we'll probably never see any more of this universe...

I'm a pretty huge Snyder apologist tho - I feel like people that hated the other films in his shared universe would probably hate this 4xs as much.  

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1 hour ago, Tim_J said:

don't think i can watch that without crying...

I like this new softer side we're seeing of you, Tim. all that back and forth BS with ding was getting really old tbh.

and if you can somehow incorporate "I cry at films about dogs" into your dating app profile, you'll kill it with the ladies.

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    • Guest
      By Guest
      Title says it all: post a still, others guess.

    • By Lane Visitor
      So by now some of you guys may know about my obsession with the David Fincher film "The Game" which I went as far as to create multiple tribute albums/alternative soundtracks to (as well as a comprehensive online and IRL scavenger hunt based on the film).
      Anyway, I thought instead of creating a thread on the film- which I may do as well- that I'd draw focus to the screenwriters John Brancato and Michael Ferris--which not much is known or published about them outside of just their list of credits, at least that I could find. This screenwriting duo who penned the film's story, have a vast resume of films - and they all share a similar thread: very paranoid, conspiratorial thrillers that are usually psychological, often creepy, and typically very mind bending and puzzling. I also think they deserve an IDM award for the types of movies they write. Naturally, the 1997 pair up of Brancato and Ferris with Fincher for The Game was just a dead on perfect move. And adding Michael Douglas as character Van Orton just put the icing on the cake.
      Here is a list of their films:
      What I've been finding most fascinating lately is the detailed connection I discovered between several of their films- namely The Game and Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines...
      No true spoilers here or anything (soft spoilers at best)..
      In The Game, fraudulent corporation Consumer Recreation Services are a massive part of the film's focus and the company behind the "game" that Michael Douglas plays. They are referred to in various parts to the film (partial spoiler alert) as CRS - but using different words for the same acronym all under the guise of different offshoots of the same company (Cable Repair Specialists, California Regal Sedans, etc).
      In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, (and for the first time in the series), its revealed that Skynet project's parent company (who built the Terminators themselves) is called Cyber Research Systems which uses the same acronym CRS. There's even a wiki on it: http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/Cyber_Research_Systems
      I can't help but think there may be a connection--at the very least a simple nod to the evil corporation theme of Brancato and Ferris' previous films... but possibly even more deep and complex of a link (which would be amazing). I've scourged Google for any published mention of this connection, and found 1 mere sighting where another person mentioned something, but was very surface and wasn't really intentional linking. Either way, it seems hard to imagine these were coincidental, and now I'm on a quest to watch every Brancato/Ferris film to see if there are other threads running through their various screenplays. So far, I've seen The Game, The Net, Catwoman, Terminator 3, Flight of Black Angel, and an episode of The Others.

      Anyone else familiar with their work, or keen on any of this?

      p.s. Fun side note- and [spoiler ALERT for both The Net and The Game] In their 95 screenplay for The Net, an evil corporation is also featured- called The Praetorians- computer hackers bent on stealing people's identity and using anti-virus software to actually infect computers with viruses to create mayhem and steal information-- almost identical to the goal of CRS in The Game. (Also, found it pretty cool that the software company Sandra Bullock works for is called Cathedral Software ... ahem... CathedRal Software. I know I know, that's a stretch).
      p.p.s. this thread is literally the first time I've seen any mention of these screenwriters on the web that i could find (outside of databases, wikipedia's, credits on product pages etc). I know screenwriters are often behind the scenes, but damn, it's crazy to me how obscure these guys seem to be as far as information, etc. I did find their production company website, but it's outdated and seems to be more of just a framework. I was excited to hear their narration on the directors commentary feature of The Game's Criterion Collection edition though. :)
    • By Joyrex
      Josh Cooley has a book coming out featuring famous scenes from R-rated movies in the style of children's books. Really cool stuff!

    • By Berk
      Can anyone recommend me movies in the vein of Drive (2011), Maniac (2012), that sort of stuff? I love this kind of dark, rainy, inner city setting. I even started playing Max Payne 2 again because of this.
      If I'm not mistaken, a lot of this stuff stems from the 50s, but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy, so I'm guessing 70s and up would be best.
      Thanks a lot!
      PS. You can recommend games too if you like, Gemini Rue is a great noir adventure / puzzle game
    • By Cheladrix
      Didn't see a post about this when I searched, so I thought I'd mention it. Back in October, Biosphere posted the silent film 'Man With A Movie Camera' to Youtube complete with his score and I only just found it. I have the 2cd set of Substrata that includes this, but I hadn't seen the movie with the score synced up before. It's really awesome how parts of the music act as sound for what's going on in the film. For example, the sample 'sorry to wake you' coincides with a woman waking up. And the various spectral sounds that seem like part of the music when you listen to the score by itself turn out to be foley for machines and trains when you watch the movie.
      There is a brief childbirth scene, so you might get a bit grossed out, but this is balanced out by the cute topless Soviet woman giving herself a mud bath. Kind of racy for 1929.
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