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47 minutes ago, zero said:

since @chenGOD mentioned it, here's the watmm circa 2004 collage. I went by handsplatter back in those days. very few people left on here from that period. 


wow i see 3 whole women here!!!! 

(...and 17 potential women tho, can't tell)

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1 minute ago, yekker said:

He was a cool guy.  Do you still know him?

Yeah, but he's not as active online as he used to be. He sometimes posts stuff on social media: https://www.instagram.com/caldustlives/

At a point ages ago, he got more interested in art than music. Wish he would post more tunes.

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1 hour ago, drillkicker said:

I've been opening up more to the community, so I suppose it's about time for a yek


Just realized this looks like the scene in a movie where the main character realizes how much he's let himself go :trashbear:

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