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Vessel - Order of Noise

Guest Ron Manager

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Guest Ron Manager

Surprised not to find a thread about this unless WATMM search is failing me as usual?


Out now. Sounds good, in line with the rest of Tri Angle's recent output.

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Guest Lucy Faringold

Ok, gonna have to bump this 'cause I've been getting my teeth into this and it's just slaying me.


Beautiful, atmospheric, odd - not over-polished like so much electronic music seems to be these days. Fans of Actress should be all over this.


Seems like it's getting slept on a bit. Anyone else fallen in love with it?

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Guest Lucy Faringold

I love the Vessel + El Kid split tape that I bought last year. So i'll definitely check it out


Yeah I got that tape and really enjoyed it but Order of Noise sounds like a pretty big leap forward to my ears. :-)

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    • By joshuatxuk
      Anyone else heard of the guy? I'm not one to post in new and upcoming often (usually someone is well ahead of me) but really digging his earlier EP and this mix, reminds me of Loops Haunt, Milanese, and early Zomby: dark and heavy, lot of grime and breakcore influence, really interesting and not easy to pigeonhole into witch house.
      Anyway, he's got a new album out via Tri Angle.
      Announcement via FACT

      01. Peace 02. Great God Pan 03. Gutter Vibrations 04. I Don’t 05. Meshes 06. Remote Heaven 07. You Were Wrong 08. Don’t Know 09. Peaking 10. It’s Ritual 11. Percressing
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      Here's a 70 minute mix I put together in Traktor the other night as my new alias Riiitz ... LOTS of dark vibes, even a couple moments of straight up sludge and doom there in the middle with some Boris & Witch...
      Here's the full tracklist:

      Pye Corner Audio - Vorticism/ Miles - Flawed/ Unknown - #003/ Mark Pritchard - Ghosts/ Kassem Mosse - Nacht An Allen Tagen/ Hyetal - Northwest Passage (Vessel Remix)/ Sanctums - Jaguar (Silence In Presence)/ Violetshaped - Spectral Nightdrive/ Dalhous - Success Is Her Sensuality/ oOoOO - Mouchette/ The Haxan Cloak - Hounfour (Temple)/ Boards of Canada - Semana Mertvykh/ Boris - Method of Error/ Witch - Black Saint/ Miles - Lebensform/ Autechre - Runrepik/ Old Apparatus - Dourado/ Young Echo - Nexus/ oOoOO - The South/ IVVVO - Haters/ Lake Radio - Lake Kilarney/ Boards of Canada - Telepath/ The Haxan Cloak - Dieu/ Violetshaped - Out Of Any Symmetry/ Sigha - Scene Couple/ Ghost Cinema - Gravity Pull
    • By Terpentintollwut
      After a few EPs for Tri Angle, darkly shaded producer Chris Dexter, aka oOoOO, is launching his very own label, Nihjgt Feelings, which is "currently based on the Turkish island of Bozcaada". The label, which is run by Dexter and "a few local music devotees", kicks off with oOoOO's proper debut LP, Without Your Love, which sees release June 24. "Stay Here" is the first single from the album, and the subterranean tune features M.L. on vocals.
      I dunno about you guys but this is instant pre-order for me.
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