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The Great Joyrex Record Collection Sale


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Time to lighten the load a bit... I'm offering up some stuff from my collection that I really don't need anymore (due to duplicates, etc.), plus a lot of promos and memorabilia I've collected over the 13+ years I've been doing this.

I'm not putting prices on anything - most of you know what some of this is worth, and for those that don't, there are online resources to gauge how valuable/rare something is. Bottom line though, is I'd rather let you decide what you feel is a fair price for something, and if I agree with the price, then we both win.

Anyone interested in individual items or packages should PM me, and it's on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any counter offers will be accepted, and I'll let you know if your offer has been upped and give you the chance to counter-offer. Inquiries about the items are fine as well.

So, here goes:

PAC-MAN Powerpill 12" vinyl - yeah, one of my earliest finds, and it wasn't in great condition when I got it, so not expecting much.
Analogue Bubblebath 3.1 vinyl
Analogue Bubblebath 3 original vinyl with RePhLeX guide sheet
AntiPop Consortium promo Vinyl
Nightmares on Wax promo vinyl
Smojphace EP vinyl
Brothomstates Qtio EP vinyl
Boom Bip Seed To Sun vinyl LP
Nightmares on Wax promo EPs 1 & 2
LFO Freak promo vinyl with press sheet
ARC000 Arcola Records (WARP Records imprint) promo EP
Aphex Twin DrukQs Cock 10 promo vinyl EP
Analogue Bubblebath 3 vinyl reissue
Caustic Window Joyrex J9i first pressing
Do You Know Squarepusher promo EP
Squarepusher My Sound EP
Squarepusher Ultravisitor promo EP
Aphex Twin Ventolin EP US pressing
Polygon Window Quoth clear vinyl EP
WARP Records WAP 100 clear vinyl promo EP

More to come later!

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SKAM Calendar and demo CD (2004) - NOTE: CD is a blank in which to record demos to send to SKAM.
Squarepusher Venus No. 17 EP
Aphex Twin Digeridoo EP alternate cover
Aphex Twin Xylem Tube EP original pressing
Autechre Gantz Graf EP SEALED
WARP Nesh promo bookmarks, Benbecula press releases with Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle postcards, Christ. Pylonesque promo postcard, Christ. Seeing and Doing promo postcard, White WARP logo clear stickers x 2, Plaid Double Figure clear promo sticker, Christ. Blue Shift Emissions promo postcard, SKAM shop clear sticker, Plaid Trainer promo bookmark x 2, Nightmares on Wax promo pog, WARP Nesh postcards x 2, Christ. Distance Leads Enchantment Into The View promo postcards, Jimi Tenor Out of Nowhere promo postcards x 2, AntiPop Consortium promo sticker, AntiPop Consortium promo sticker, Chris Morris Blue Jam promo stickers x 3, WARP Magic Bus Tour promo postcard
Boards of Canada Geogaddi Promo EP with hexagon
Hi Scores EP (third pressing; has embossed type rather than embossed sticker of first two pressings)
Ultravisitor CD, Ultravisitor Deluxe CD, Do You Know Squarepusher 2xCD, Hello Everything Japanese CD with obi strip, Do You Know Squarepusher sticker/postcard set, 3x Squarepusher Big Loada sticker set Japanese, Do You Know Squarepusher car decal
Windowlicker sticker, Come To Daddy sticker, 26 Mixes for Cash chocolate coins x 2 sets, Brothomstates Claro CD, WAP 100 CD, Blech 2 CD, Kid Spatual Meast CD x2, Excurisions in Ambience The Third Dimension CD featuring #19, Manhunt Remixes CD, Transillusion L.I.F.E CD, WARP Advanced Listening Opprotunity CD
Geogaddi postcard set x2, Geogaddi card set x 3, Boards of Canada car decals x 1, Geogaddi sticker set x 3, Beat Records Japan Geogaddi transparent promo card, Boards of Canada "Trees" stickers x1, Boards of Canada "Leaf" stickers x 1, In a Beautiful Place Out In The Country sticker postcard
US …I Care Because You Do CD, Come To Daddy CD2 UK, Come To Daddy US CD EP, Japanese …I Care Because You Do with obi strip, Windowlicker 2 EP, US Windowlicker EP
Aphex Twin Words and Music Promo CD Analogue Bubblebath 1 CD EP US, Donkey Rhubarb EP, Girl/Boy EP, Analogue Bubblebath 3 CD EP, Quoth CD EP
Selected Ambient Works 85-92, Mike and Rich CD, Richard D. James Album US CD, Classics CD, Surfing on Sine Waves US CD, 26 Mixes for Cash CDx2 with inserts, Caustic Window Compilation original CD pressing, Japanese Aphex Singles 51/13 collection
Music Has The Right To Children UK reissue with Happy Cycling, MHTRTC US Matador CD, Geogaddi CD, The Campfire Headphase Japanese CD with obi strip
Draft 7.30 CD, Peel Session CD, US Tri Repatae++ CDx2, Gantz Graf CD/DVD NTSC, Gantz Graf CD
Chris Cunningham DVD, 3LUX DVD featuring Aphex Twin "Shotkeya" video, WARP The Videos 1989-2004 DVD, Artificial Intelligence VHS, Japanese Come To Viddy VHS, Future Shock VHS featuring Aphex Twin Ageispolis, Windowlicker VHS, Come To Daddy VHS
Analogue Bubblebath 4 2003 reissue, Buck-Tick Book/CD, Bochum Welt Rephlex CD, original Analogue Bubblebath 4 release, 7" Universal Indicator Green purple test pressing, Secret Tracks 2 cassette featuring AFX track Phlid, …I Care Because You Do cassette
Aphex Twin On EP, On Remixes EP, On US release, Ventoiln Remixes EP, Ventolin US release, Ventolin EP

Edited by Joyrex
UI Purple sold - knew that one wouldn't last long...
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Hi Scores EP (possible first pressing; can't remember)


I imagine that's quite a biggy - doesn't that change it from a worth of ~£10 to approx £600 ?


EDIT: Bloody Web2.0, it can handle streaming two way HD video but not a flipping pount sterling sign...

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Wow. Is there something you're not selling? How about those early BOC tapes? ;-p


No, BOC Maxima or any of the Old Tunes stuff is off-limits - Like I said, this is all extra stuff I really don't need two or three of anymore.



First pressings of Hi Scores apparently have stickered instead of stamped Braille - you've got the 3rd or 4th pressing.




Ah, thanks - yeah, that jives with around the time I got it, which would have been 2004ish to my recollection.

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What's gone from the list til now?


Whatever has a strike through it is gone. Not much. Thought there would be more demand for this stuff, so probably going to list it on Discogs and/or Ebay.

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What's gone from the list til now?


Whatever has a strike through it is gone. Not much. Thought there would be more demand for this stuff, so probably going to list it on Discogs and/or Ebay.


well shipping from US can be quite horrible, that's probably a big reason :)

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