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Post Your Most Recent Artwork


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I have serious intentions of getting into painting - just kind of abstract expressionistic stuff.


Can anyone recommend a beginners' painting kit? Or am I better or buying piece by piece? I'd pretty much need all the essentials.


Thank you! You lot are so inspiring.

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i've only been painting for two years so I am only comfortable with a limited cool palette which is red, yellow, blue, earth tone and white, you can get most colours you'll need out of that

my palette right now: cad red, cad yellow light, cobalt blue, raw umber and titanium white

definitely start with acrylic, its much cheaper. buy a variety of brushes, i work with flat brushes caus i like hard edges.


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I made these between 2002 and 2003. Totally amateurish stuff with photoshop filters (and one photo with a low res cell phone camera).


This is my most recent "artwork."


I actually still use some of it on soundcloud/bandcamp because I'm still waiting on my graphic designer brother to hook me up with some dope shit.


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I needed some cover art for my ep (hint hint) so I put this together:


This is fuckin' cool. Looks like a world map and some ferns were rammed into a CIA Unicorn's asshole and then given birth again on Venus.


i reallly like this, mind if i post on a page i manage?



Yeah, go ahead. 


Here's the link to the EP also: https://rraaste.bandcamp.com/album/neocognitron-ep

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This material is "dura-lar", which is a polyester film. The assembly process is very complex, more than is evident in the final shape. The above piece contains 48 strips - I'm not sure of the exact number, but I'd say there's about 500 folds in all.

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