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This is my friend’s stuff. He’s so god damn good and has finally started sharing his drawings and paintings on Instagram.     

Some illustrations I did recently for a Cave Evil board game released by Fangoria.  Don't Let the Wolves Eat Our Baby.  

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Found this I did a long time ago:



Have dozens of them. Made hundreds of them but lost most/can't find/gave away. Haven't drawn in years. Shitty phone made them blurry but whatever. Inb4 delete bcs theres GENITALS

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Just a shout out to anyone that would like to create something for me. I'm not all that artisitic/have the time to actually compose what I'd like to do but I see it as an art piece/painting I think.

It was following an amazing, what I feel to be mystical experience I had. It was really beautiful and I'd like to see if I could get it drawn by someone who has the skills. 

Give me a shout if interested! I think I'd also be prepared to pay for its creation too as long as it's not too much £££! 

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2 hours ago, ktait2 said:




this one's my favorite, but they're all great. i love that  kind of style

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sketchbook musing from last nite



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