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Did a thing for a short film. I can't tell if I subconsciously stole some chords from SAW2 though?


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This is my friend’s stuff. He’s so god damn good and has finally started sharing his drawings and paintings on Instagram.     

Some illustrations I did recently for a Cave Evil board game released by Fangoria.  Don't Let the Wolves Eat Our Baby.  

Posted Images

This is a logo I did for myself - a rushed attempt at a monogram inspired my Mark Rothko and The White Stripes. 



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19 hours ago, Paul said:

Just finished up this commission piece

Color pencil & Ink


nice shading, love the vibrant colors and depth

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3 hours ago, sine nomine said:

I cropped it... I like far better now. It's meant to read the letters 'A, d, B' 



Yup, much better.

Edited by aencre
(It reads "O A F" tho.)
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1 hour ago, aencre said:

Yup, much better.

Hehe because it's my logo... I can say it's subjective... Therefore it's A, d, B! 


God damn ut! 

Ps. Thanks for the like 

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i was commissioned to design a friends garage door 🤙

Still in progress hoping to be done with another days work

#SprayPaint  #Chicago




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11 hours ago, Paul said:

few things from 2020

finally had these photographed properly

color pencil//ink//graphite//charcoal//acrylic//

superb!  truly magnificent, all of them

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