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1 hour ago, Extralife said:

That’s awesome. Is this geared toward kids?

Thanks @Extralife! It's not explicitely for kids, but it also doesn't exclude them - to be honest, it will probably attract more adults than kids, since a lot of the puzzles at the end of the book are a good challenge 🙂 It's more of a sit-by-the-record-player-chill-and-solve kind of thing.

You can check the 0.2 version to get a better feel of it. This version doesn't have the girl theme yet and I made the progression of difficulty and rules-introduction a lot more gradual since then (I'm at version 0.5 right now), but you'll get the gist of it:


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8 hours ago, dingformung said:

I like your art. It's always interesting. You might have talent 😜

There's no such thing...it fades anyway if it even exists ...I believe in ability that need to be exploited and hard work, time and dedication.

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So, I've finished the new version of the puzzlebook "Lineon" I'm working on. I've made some Photoshop mock-ups of how it will look once it will be printed. Otherwise, be free to check out all of the illustration (and puzzles themselves) on these links:

OFFICIAL PAGE: https://letibus.itch.io/lineon
PDF DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/39sZS5O



Binder Mockup V05.jpg

Open Book 2.jpg

Open Book.jpg

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