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11 hours ago, Zooluus said:



11 minutes ago, auxien said:




heavily manipulated photos from the last few months

Both of these posts are fucking cool as heck and awesome as shit

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Even though it's been years since I finished this one, it's still my latest artwork! I've started several since then which are near completion but I've been too focused on the music side of things to actually get around to finishing them.

It's mostly acrylic with a little bit of pen to sharpen the outlines

I've also been messing around with photography since, never was too interested in it but now that I treat it more like painting, I really enjoy it!

Alexander Petajamaa - It's You 300dpi.jpg

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origami vulva. i made a whole bunch of these and they come out strikingly different each time. i need to do something about the clit - needs a lot more attention to detail. practice makes perfect i guess.

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Hey, made/finished a new board game, this one is called All Is Bomb and it's for 1-2 players. Free to play, of course.



Box Mockup2.jpg

All Cards Promo2.jpg

All expansion.jpg

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11 hours ago, Plum said:

How much bigger could you go?

For this particular design, I think this is about the max. For more stable, rigid designs, I'm guessing I could easily make one 10 feet tall.

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33 minutes ago, bronchuseven said:

For this particular design, I think this is about the max. For more stable, rigid designs, I'm guessing I could easily make one 10 feet tall.

You could probably make some good cheese with one of those. Ever done an exhibit?

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