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On 10/8/2022 at 9:54 PM, cruising for burgers said:

@Real Human Beanu also do the sound design/music? you are infinitely good!



I'm not too much into IDM l8ly but I could listen to shit like this forever...

calling all WATMM'ers, which artists are doing this kind of music today?

Thanks - yeh that was just my first little fool around with samplebrain output chucked into some samplers. I don't really make much glitchy stuff like this tbh, got pretty bored of it a long time ago.

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Got a bunch of supplies to do traditional stuff again. Messy but fun.

Inktober #9 "Nest", various inks & acrylics


Inktober #15: "Armadillo", fineliners & brush pen


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Damn, I haven't been back to WATMM for a long time....  I always love checking in on this thread.


Been messing around with AI stuff lately:







What program?

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2 hours ago, cruising for burgers said:

sup with all.th3 burgers dudes?

I fukin love it just showing my appreciation... wtf...

I even gave it a big brain Schopenhauer 🧠 reaction...


You're cruising for them, are you not? :cisfor:

Some people use burgers to mean "cheers"

I thought burger reaction is generally positive anyway

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