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Post Your Most Recent Artwork


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i got a tablet because i've been wanting to learn how to draw. i've started out by practicing how to use photoshop brushes and color mixing by tracing over pictures. i think this one came out pretty well:




That's an early effort? o.o That's good rotoscoping!


yeah thats brilliant. Any tutorials on the technique?

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Love all three cryptowen. Tessellations rule!


Also, has anyone used Processing before? (freeware drawing/animation software)

I'm trying to pick it up, but I've never learned any programming language before (shameful, I know) so it's slow going.

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I haven't posted much in these threads in a LONG time but if you want to see some of my stuff in person and are in the NYC area....




The poster/card is my attempt at being a poster designer


ps free wine and food

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Trying to pare down the huge backlog of photos I took this summer before I go out taking more. This is one of them...




Ragner asked me to draw something for a track of his so I did




Drew this yesterday & it was originally like 20 panels long but it felt like it was getting to preachy so



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I liked to draw penises and farts all over Sesame Street magazines when I was a kid. What I've seen so far in this thread is better than my best artwork. I did do a charcoal drawing of a nude model back in 2005 though, which my grandmother has.

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