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Post Your Most Recent Artwork

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Well not recent. I made these model drawings at art school some 25 years ago.  

This is my friend’s stuff. He’s so god damn good and has finally started sharing his drawings and paintings on Instagram.     

Posted Images

How old are you?!? I feel like a mummified corpse now thank you very much.

I was swiping left and right on (baby) Tinder before I could walk.



+ nice prdctvsm

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you guys are all so talented



here's some typeface design and general design fuckery I've been doing lately










bit scintilli-ish, but I don't care



that cube-y typeface was a bit of a fuck to design, I need to find an automated way to do that rather than painstakingly cobbling isometric elements together..

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Hey everyone! Havent been around for a while, felt I should give the nets a holiday for a while let myself settle down


got some new pencils! faber castell polychromos. I love them. Only done one thing so far, I dont think I posted it here before? I cant rememebeber


Nelson Mandala





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dropping eh?




yes, much dropping. Actually it was an attempt to recreate the feeling of jesus being inside me, might give it to christians against drugs so they can use it as an anti DMT advert

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It was actually inspired after I bought my ex gf & her daughter each 'the one & only mandala colouring book' 1 & 2







they are really big, really cool, great presents for adults & kids alike.




after that I thought I would just sorta make my own one for fun

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