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Rushup I Bank 12 by The Tuss - drum cover

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    • By s1L3Nu5
      Holy shit things have changed on here - I had to pay to get in! This had better have a happy ending. FWIW I used to post as Hamsteizer around 2007. Then I twiddled my own knob so much little people came out & got in the way of everything. Worked my way back to it & I've progressed from Fruity Loops to Ableton! People are already comparing me to a modern-day Mozart, but I know I'm better than that. I'll post a couple of tracks here & then roam the forums & listen.
      Starting with an Aphex cover. Name that tune!
      ++ ok I figured out Scloud, link is here ++
    • By Salvatorin
      how do you like to get your kick drums? I have a lot of ways of finding and making them. Battery is fucking sweet for the process.
      here is Randomer givin his ideas:

    • By clocolan
      Thru Oct 31 Klüsterjunkk is $29.25 at pornofonic.com
      A little side project of mine. Review here.
      Audio demos:

    • By clocolan
      A little side project of mine that just launched. 11 percussion instruments from de/reconstructed junk. 

      30% off intro pricing: $27.30 (£21.00): http://pornofonic.com
      Some music samples:

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