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Music suggestion thread for club DJs

Guest Hermann

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Guest Hermann

So I thought it would be nice to find a lot more tunes that will get people to dance their pants off at clubs and bars since I like to DJ here and there sometimes and I´m always looking to extend my repertoir. And it´s also for other DJs to get to know more music too obviously.


I guess i should start with a little suggestion myself to start with. Hmmmmm...


I´ve found this one usually does the trick pretty good. I guess it´s kind of last year but it still always works :)


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Guest Hermann

What kind of tunes are you into DJing? Like tech house, house music? acid house?

Trance? (lol)


Or it doesnt matter?


Doesn´t really matter. Just whatever other people are into. Personally, I like to play a lot of different things, not even sure what genre it would go under.. Probably not really any of those :) just mostly electronica that have heavy awesome beats and melodies and whatever!


This guy is a friend of mine (cTrix), he ALWAYS gets the dancefloors going fucking crazy.



LOL that´s pretty awesome.


The first track, bootyberg (sorry couldn't find the song by itself):



This is pretty slammin´ as well ;) haha, i love using words i never use in real life.


Keep ´em comin guys! :D I wanna hear moooore!

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Guest Hermann

I'm not really a huge fan of overt "peak time" tracks in general, nor am I even a DJ, so take my words with a grain of salt, but I assume things like this would go over well:




Wow that first one is really great. Just my kind of style almost, thanks!


I´m loving the 80s vibe we´ve got going now too ;)

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