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Music suggestions for a baby girl?


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I've just become a dad, woo! Other parents I know play children's singalong / lullaby stuff in their car. I can't be arsed with that. I want her to listen to proper music - but stuff she'll probably enjoy: maybe happy, melodic, repetitive, instrumental music.


So far I've got:


roygbiv - BoC

Flim - Aphex Twin

K is for Kelson - Bibio

Marbles - Plone

Ether Drift - Com Truise

Theme from Sprite - Squarepusher


Any other suggestions? Doesn't have to be exclusively IDM, anything goes.

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Guest Hermann

These are all great suggestions, but if it were me I wouldn´t limit her to only one genre of music, mix it up a bit :)


Maybe something like this:


Some nice and melodic soothing niceness. However you might not want to all of a sudden have a daughter speaking swedish, so this is just a suggestion to the kind of stuff I would play if it were me ;)


And of course, i would also suggest some Björk, I have to.

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