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wahrk Double Header in Austin 10/27


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    • By dcom
      Fast-paced braindance mayhem on ®adår's seventh album. Recommended.
    • By springymajig
      Hellow WATMM... I am very happy to finally announce my album, Super Golyhedronland, will be released on November 22!
      13 tracks of frenetic, videogame-inspired electronic madness, which I am very proud of 😁
      It'll be on Spotify and all the big streaming services, but also if you got some cash to spare, why not pre-order the digital release today on Bandcamp? I've included a whole bunch of sweet sweet digital art goodies, check it out:

    • By dcom
      Hyperactive braindance and detuned FM mayhem, finishing off with a slower melodic track. Recommended.
    • By dcom
      Two tracks to commemorate Idiac's recently passed friend with proceeds going towards charity; Idiac's track is braindance breakbeat madness and Tarsiform's an exquisite glitchy melodic trip into classic IDM territory. Recommended.
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      Evan Jones under his new Morewood moniker, an album of rephlexive classic IDM and Braindance from breezy melodies to distorted halfstep. Recommended.
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