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L.I.E.S. coming out with their first CD release, a 2 CD compilation coming Dec. 1st 2012.

First CD is released but out of print stuff, second CD is unreleased.






01. Jahilyya Fields – Servant Garden

02. Steve Moore – Frigia

03. Marcos Cabral – 24 Hour Flight

04. Legowelt – Sark Island Acid

05. Terekke – Pf Pf Pass

06. Maxmillion Dunbar – Cassette Arabic

07. Bookworms – African Rhythms

08. Torn Hawk – Shock Tape

09. Two Dogs in a House – 5th Floor

10. Svengalisghost – Deep Into Memory

11. Vapauteen – Measure



01. Torn Hawk – This is Crime & Lace

02. Bonquiqui – Sandsovtime

03. Terekke – Asidis

04. Legowelt – Ferns From Draconis

05. Bookworms – 360 Waves

06. Unknown Artist – Journey I.

07. Delroy Edwards – Feelings

08. Xosar- Tropical Cruize (Delroy Edwards Remix)

09. Marcos Cabral – Tio Rico

10. Hassan – Merciful And Blessed

11. Beau Wanzer – Jail Lock

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