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Hi. I hope you guys can help me. I've been listening a lot of electronic music lately, and I feel I need to rest a bit from it. Now, I want to pursue more "organic" music; stuff made with violins, cellos, piano, bongos, shit like that, while, atm, no synths and stuff.





Also, stuff that isn't droney most of the time.


Maybe similar music like Hauschka, Nils Frahm, Svarte Greiner, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, etc. also could be fine. From any part of the world, but with that nostalgic, magic touch.



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Yes, the sight below, he's a wonderful artist. It is droney though, but I love drone.


If you haven't listened to colleen, her stuff is really beautiful and minimal. The tones can sometimes be a little grating, though. These are some of the only videos on youtube.




The soundtrack to meek's cutoff is stunning. The instruments, the minimalism, the processing and texture...it's like an entire album of Clarkian ambient interludes.


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I suggest a dose of Do Make Say Think




Fuck yeah, first thing that came to mind. That album (&yet &yet) is in my top 5 easily.


You could try Alarm Will Sound :happy:


If you're open to classical music, I can recommend the following STRONGLY:

Mozart's Requiem (my favorite performance

Faure's Requiem

Chopin's Nocturnes (such a wealth of performances, finding your favorite can be a serious quest)


I've been stuck on Kendra Morris lately. Not instrumental at all, but her voice has such a great texture that I kind of listen to it that way.

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