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WATMM Workshop

syd syside

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A collective of music makers that will establish a basic framework to assist each other to communicate and attempt to achieve unique technical/emotive goals. To begin collective agreement of the 5 basic frameworks. Separate threads for each of the frameworks, sole purpose is to document your evolved path using abstract representation (sounds, visuals). Frameworks act as seeds and individual interpretations of these frameworks create branches. So the frameworks must be vague/abstract as well. Eventually these threads will amount to a montage and acts as a guide of collective/individual thought processes. Most of all though, this workshop serves to create a relax/fun atmosphere for music makers to comfortably share and discuss each others progress. An evolving dialogue, ridding the mindset that sharing = spamming. As an example of a framework:


Samurai Michael Jackson






Luxury Chess









When: October 30th 12:00 PST



Continuing function, explore/share. There are no rules. Meet in Chatmm on Tuesday to start first framework thread, where each chatmmer can then start posting videos, images, music that relates in aesthetic, emotion, context to the original framework. The original framework is not very important because each thread can evolve gradually depending on mindset of the collective. When a music maker has made decent progress on a track they can post the track here (then post updated versions, or entirely new tracks) So the contextual framework is present with the evolving tracks. Weekly or more often there will be meetup times. These do not have to involve discussion of track progress or anything, but as music makers post their progress, other music makers might have questions about technical processes. CHATMM serves as a better format for these kind of discussions/interactions. TLDR? this is a meetup/workshop for music makers. cheers

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If you can't meet up, no worries there is no deadlines to this. the benefit this could serve to musicians on watmm (from chatmm convo):

  • i think exploring new music by watmmers for outsiders would be more enjoyable then the current competitve system of making new threads and wanting to stay in the spotlight (this process because of the nature of society is inherently under-toned with heavy egos, despite it being more an act of wanting to communicate in new ways).
  • listening to music with a bunch of visual imagery that abstractly correlate is fun, so album artwork gives you a visual idea of the musicians goal perhaps, or adds to the atmosphere
  • This is akin to going to a gallery and having a bunch of projectors project musician's visual influences/language with their music playing as well, and contrasting one persons approach with the collectives... also provides a foundation for discussion that rids one of feeling like they are spamming their work
  • A collective stream of consciousness : controlled chaos to an extent. the threads may appear random and will probably be in many regards, but for example graphically complex visual imagery could be akin to something like glitchy idm music or something, while ambient would be softer visuals perhaps (it is subjective)... I think there would be a kind of universal underlying current to the threads... a montage or random sequence that could lead to new ideas
  • a new form of communication, so the track you just showed me, instead of using words to respond with how it made me feel I would post a photo, video, or poem or something and that could be of more use to you than just words akin to a pat on the back
  • therefore the threads would feature no actual worded response ("great track man, tho I didnt dig the hi-hats") in regards to the watmmers music they posted... that feedback would be put in the main thread or discussed in chatmm... this makes browsing through the thread more presentable to everyone while also allowing each viewer to subjectively form their own opinion first before hearing if others thought the same/or not. (reading a lot of movie/music reviews before you see/hear it)

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Only better way I could describe it would be to create mock ups of how I see the threads presentations. At the core this is simply about focusing threads on watmmers interests that have basic subjective correlations and then sharing music that subconsciously stems from meaning/themes amassing to a collective body of music and imagery. A montage that will hopefully be more fun and relaxed to explore than dozens/hundreds of "check my most recent track," threads. If one is simply spamming tracks from the past that is not the point of this. All music posted in the threads should be made after the acknowledgement of the basic framework. As the threads grow with participation the more this amplifies with participation because users will want the threads to be visually appealing or representative. I'm sure many here have listened to music and browsed youtube videos on mute, this is akin to this but on a communal scale so it might open up a lot of unique/improbable possibilities. Also to note is I am not any kind of leader for this workshop, I just had this idea and am interested in it regardless of how it develops.




So another words treating forums/internet more as a physical environment, with each thread having unique but subtle differences. How it develops is unpredictable and therefore potentially promising/exciting imo


I could also have tried to been more precise and pin point exactly what this workshop is about, but I think it will be more interesting to see what other watmmers bring forward. I definitely am not the best at explaining but hopefully that doesn't discourage participation because my intent is the opposite.

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it has been decided to make unique tumblr pages instead than make threads. this way is visually more presentable and less clutter/spamming. each person who joins watmm workshop, which can be anyone, gets a password/username for the tumblr account. I will set it up and send out pms to the certain users who are signed up for watmm workshop.

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