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    • By Atop
      Great music out of Dallas Texas. 
    • By Salvatorin
      DIdn't realize this was coming out. So far I am diggin the hell out of this release. More of the kind of crunchy breakbeat hardcore-ish techno that we have been enjoying much of lately. Lots of fucking sub bass. Not sure on all the tracks, only given it a cursory listen but there were some definite chunes. Mancester and Nya are impressing me so far.
    • By freddy753
      He's been teasing a mixtape for a while now, and here it is. It includes a few tracks that were posted on Soundcloud previously, but this is mostly new stuff. Very atmospheric and pretty sounding as usual.
      Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3fuey34udpetawz/
    • Guest Spasmoid
      By Guest Spasmoid
      Hey, I'm new here.
      This is my first track under this name, but many more are to come, in lots of different genres.
      Please give this a listen, any comments/ constructive criticism is really appreciated!
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