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Hmm I think I could love this track if more attention was put into the mix. I dig the weird sounds at the beginning, I dig the "clumsy" (Bogdan ? ;-) styled beats, I dig the bassline and then the tensed chords coming in later, but all this sound so messy it makes it kinda hard to enjoy fully.


I suppose this is completely a work in progress, but I think you would benefit from tweaking the sounds more accurately even at this early stage of the track's composition. In some way I wonder how you did make it sound so good musically while it sounds so messy mix-wise.


Hope you'll hear all the positiveness of my post ;-)

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Guest EleminoP

The weird sounds complement the beats very well. I'm getting Bogdan vibes too but you've got something more organic going. Dig it a lot. Hoping you're making more stuff in this style.

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