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FACT Mix #355 - Nathan Fake


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"Nathan Fake talked about becoming “less rigid” and the importance of injecting “raw energy” into his tunes, and it’s a promise that he lives up to on his FACT mix. A cool 45 minutes long, it finds the Norfolk-hailing producer mixing bumpy techno, reverb-soaked acid, garage and more, with a real freedom to the way he changes tempo and mixes between styles."



Pedrodollar – Hyperdemo

Wesley Matsell – Ynys Byr

Todd Edwards – Never Far From You

EQD – Equalized #111 03

Unknown – Unknown

Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway

Baby Ford – Normal (AFX remix)

Actress – Harrier ATTK

Planetary – Matter of Sound

The Widowmaker – Untitled

Boards of Canada – Numerator

Nathan fake - Iceni Strings (Bonus Dub #2)

Operator – Warriston (What Is It Good For)

Wesley Matsell – Foreverzone



FACT http://www.factmag.com/2012/11/05/fact-mix-355-nathan-fake/

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