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KVR Developers Challenge 2012

Guest RadarJammer

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# of windows plugins: 49


# mac plugins: 7





...and 1 of the mac plugins is a fucking 'brian eno oblique strategies plugin', another one is 'orchestral strings', + a 'spectrum analyzer'.?!

so boring.


the mac continues to lack in audio plug-ins compared to windoze. sad.

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Wow, the modular synth (Kamioooka) looks great. I'm sure there are a lot of good modular Vsti out there but this one allows you to program a sound from a blank patch, by adding modules one by one, which is imo way more intelligent than a synth that presents a huge patch already full of controls.


Too bad I don't have time to try it seriously yet...

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Guest RadarJammer

Here is how I'm voting:


My #1 favorite offering is Transient by Sleepy-Time Records, who makes some of my favorite utility type plugins



My #2 favorite offering is Space360 by cytoSonic, I don't know who this guy is but he makes reverb magic



My #3 favorite offering is Heliox by Remingo Coco who seems to be a dsp veteran of some kind coming from the woodwork to make a rare plugin appearance, probably won't even see this guy show up again.



My #4 favorite offering is Flame by Martin Eastwood who made some other great plugins too but his website kept getting hacked so he stopped trying to keep them online.



My #5 favorite offering is Proximity by vlagd/sound & Tokyo Dawn Records who both have made quality dynamics plugins, this plugin is pretty subtle but I have been looking for a VST that does this for quite awhile.


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