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Favorite Screams and Yells

dr lopez

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all great ones.


the family affair one is my favorite scream ever. It just is something unearthed from somewhere soulful, you feel the struggles of that family. I love it at the fade out too. amazing

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There's a stock/foley scream that is probably used almost as frequently as the Wilhelm Scream, but I've never been able to track down a reference to it. It's sort of a more drawn out, guttural yeeeeeaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh


playz...h-haalp, watmm


never fucking mind:






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Moar, and I realize I lot of my favs are from things I listened to in high school or earlier:








lol... oh jim














There's a local morning show clip I can't find where one of the DJs impersonated Yoko Ono in a skit, referencing her infamous primal screaming. He mumbled random nonsense in a high pitched girly accent before producing one of the greatest yells I've ever heard.

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