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Tame Impala

Guest yikes

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I saw these guys last night at webster hall and it was really good.

Absolutely killer drummer,heavy effected guitars and great song structure.

If you haven't seen them or listened to their albums I highly recommend you do so w/a quickness.

I hate to compare them to anyone but if you dig hawkwind or early pink floyd with syd and helios creed you will LOVE this stuff.

LSD to the organisms.



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    • By silentvision
      The World As We Know It is an electronic album made in the absence of instruments. At the same time, it is a guitar/vocal album and entirely human. And so we have something of an anomaly.

      Amon first recorded these songs during an isolated period in the woods of northern California. It was an exploratory process, much to do with learning about harmony and (relatively) traditional songwriting. A personal exorcism of sorts, he externalised an array of experiences and organised them into his own words.

      At the time of writing what was to become Figueroa, Tobin had no particular ambitions for the work. Describing his singing voice as “a vague idea of what a voice might sound like,” the tracks remained personal as they sat in state for almost a decade after they were first scratched out in a cabin in the woods.

      Eventually Amon sent the material to the legendary producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, Prince, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Johnny Cash, Annie Mac) hoping she might find someone who could perform the material. Sylvia was thrilled by the songs she heard. Rather than delegate them to polished musicians, she got on the next plane to LA and booked a session at the famous Capital Studios at Capitol Records in Hollywood for Amon to record the songs properly under her guidance. The result is The World As We Know It.

      Is Figueroa psych-rock? Electronic folk? How is there guitar with no guitarist? We have no idea. It’s surprising and confounding. Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions and just listen to the music.
    • By Rubin Farr
      RSD exclusive of each band covering 2 songs of the other.

    • By Candiru
      Anyone else like their first album, Innerspeaker? I listened to the shit out of it last summer and the summer before that. Saw them live, highly enjoyable. Psyched about this new one.This new song is quite good.
    • By misc

      excited for this one, and that is the coolest cover art i've seen in a while.
      new single:

    • By Rubin Farr
      Very cool psychedelic rock album, with semi-Lennon sounding vocals.

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