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Terrestrial Council - Space Jam Mix (35 minute mix)

Guest Tamas

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My computer broke a while ago so I've just been looking over old tracks, here's a mix I did for a party a few years back:




These are some of my favourite tracks, also there are two songs of considerable length that are still unreleased. It's all from 2008-2010, so mostly older stuff, some day I should do a similiar mix with newer tracks!


Since I can't really make too much music right now (got a shit computer I've been using, it's fun, but doesn't meet my needs) I've had more time to think about the future, so any feedback on these tracks would be appreciated!


Thanks for listening/reading!

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I really like the tune which begins at 20:00. I skiped through the 35 minutes, because I was getting bored quickly. Not my cup of tea, the melodies are way to basic and none of the tracks sound good in my headphones, technical wise.

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