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That gay swing


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^ this is so far off the spectrum that you can't even make start comparisonedit: the JB-fueled funk that is


Just ignore them and maybe they'll go away...


If only it were that easy. I went to a store to buy some trousers last night and was subjected to this crap for the duration. No one should have to be subjected to "Runaway Train" in it's entirety, nobody.And since calling this type music gay is un-PC these days (tbh most homosexuals would be more offended by the association rather than the word), I usually aggregate it under the more fitting term balls-free buttrock, since it's a known fact that that none of these dudes actually have testicles.

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That drumbeat sounds familiar ...


Yes, I apologize for my insensitive internet messageboard use of 'gay'!


I'd take "Runaway Train" over any other Goo Goo Dolls song any day!

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They're trying to infuse some soul into otherwise soulless music.


I hate to break it to you encey, but the amount of effort that went into your display of hatred clearly reflects a substantial amount of love.



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