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Global Goon - Journeys

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13 Nov, 2012


1.Starting Point 04:36
2.First leg 05:13
3.Boarding 04:33
4.Reversing 04:14
5.Stopped 01:48
6.Sixth 03:07
7.Journeyz 03:49
8.Mega Mush 03:02
9.Matter Moat 03:10
10.Machine Worm 04:48
11.Email Memo 05:29
12.Journey's End 03:13



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lol my bad im from the future


yeh and the funny thing is that he said he was taking time off from music a while back after HORIZON.. app he cant control himself. GOOD :D

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Guest MortalMaxx

:( I guess I've been F5ing his page too much, never knew he already compiled most of those tunes in albums already...... I got some old tracks of him, real funky shit (sameBeat, ROLLAsk8ER etc.) Does anyone know these are released?

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Guest catharsis

I've been spending a few days listening to the ol Global Goon discography. There are literally NO bad tracks - it's all good head-boppin, colourful, texture filled and fun music. Each album also has a very distinct theme that stands out for me - easy to pick depending on my mood.

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