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Konstantinos Vita / K.Beta / K.BHTA


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Konstantinos Vita (aka Kapa Beta / K.BHTA / KB) has been a legend and a pioneer in the Greek alternative music scene for more than 20 years now as the founder and leader of the early-90's electronica act Stereo Nova.

After the band disbanded in 1996, he's been pursuing a unique, versatile solo career consisting of personal electronica / electro-folk albums as much as music for theater plays, films and documentaries.


He is a greatly appreciated / respected artist and has a very dedicated fanbase locally, yet under-appreciated in the sense that he'd definitely deserve a more global recognition.

He has released some instrumental albums aimed for a more universal market and even composed music for Athens 2004 Olympic Games yet since his main body of work consists of songs with greek lyrics (his lyrics are considered brilliant, they are practically poems) it is harder for non-greek audience to appreciate it in his full glory.


However, he has also written many brilliant instrumental tracks over the years which I personally think they could have been easily released in some of the labels we are all fond of here.

I mean, the composition and production level is up there so I can't help but think that if he was born/based in London or Berlin or NY he'd enjoy a wider/universal recognition.

To back up this statement, I'd like to present you WATMM some fine examples of his work which should apply to your interest. Since he has released stuff spanning over different genres, I've grouped tracks under genre labels. Yeah, I know, I I hate genre labels too but I figured it'd be easier for someone to pick something according to his taste if he doesn't feel like listening to everything (why not?!).


If there is a demand, I can upload more, including some great early/mid 90's Stereo Nova instrumentals.






Electronica - D 'n B / Breaks - IDM-esque Glitch stuff:




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Listening to the opening track from his new album once again makes me think how a good part of this guy's body of work would apply to WATMMers. I mean, I am genuinely curious whether people listened and didn't like the tracks posted in this thread (which is ok obviously) or they simply didn't bother to check something unknown/new to them in the first place. Oh well, for anyone that might be interested...



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thanks for posting this, going through all of them now.



sounds like a weird mix of Arovane and a number of Neo Ouija releases from back in the day

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