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Moving to Portland :)

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People are always telling me how cool and great Portland is. I honestly think it sounds like a nightmare.


It sounds like a giant hipster Jonestown, the way people talk about it. It has the same vapid kitsch vibration about it as does the sound of a voice talking about how water crystals are more beautiful when you play music to them, or try to convert you to Christianity. Stupid.


I'm pretty sure very little intellectual activity of worth takes place there.

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Went to school in Portland, I miss the NW. I love taking road trips, and from Portland you can drive an hour in any direction and be at the ocean, the mountains, wine-country, volcanoes, Columbia Gorge, waterfalls & lush forests. As for the city, it is pretty bohemian. Good, cheap food. No sales tax, renting was pretty cheap if you do some research. And you're not allowed to pump your own gas, which took some getting used to.

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